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About Us

Company Overview:

Serving the Greater Seattle area, we are a non-profit organization that combines leadership opportunities with the learning of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in a sailing environment.


To meet the needs of a changing technical workforce environment, education should challenge and empower young women in ways that engage them and show them the myriad of career opportunities available to women. Through the sport of sailing, Frog Prints e! uses inquiry-based learning and engineering by design to provide young women (5th-9th grades) with hands-on integrated learning opportunities to inspire interest in fields of study such as physics, marine and civil engineering, marine biology, robotics, technology, and more.

Our goal is to foster in girls a life-long pursuit and interest in learning how to lead others in utilizing STEM applications to arrive at solutions to real world problems. We start by creating partnerships between schools and marine associations to facilitate innovative ways for students to learn, understand, and apply principles of STEM. We then provide a safe environment in which they build their knowledge, leadership, and teamwork capabilities.

Board of Directors

Laura Wilbur Laura Wilbur, President
Laura has over 20 years of experience leading business and product development teams in producing new products & reviving current ones in both Silicon Valley and Seattle. She is US Sailing certified, been a sailor since age 21, and she utilizes her knowledge on how to lead teams with sailing knowledge to create STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) learning opportunities and environments for young women ages 11-14.

As executive director of Frog Prints e!, she has lead over 100 girls in real-life scientific exploration that provided them with hands-on learning opportunities regarding the physics of sailing using underwater robotic design, build, and exploration of the Puget Sound water shed. When not engaged with FPE or work, she devotes her spare time in the summer teaching folks how to race and sail while having fun. As of 2018, she has obtained her US Coast Guard (aka Captain's license) certification to operate self-propelled vessels less than 50 GRT (tons) on inland waters and operate un-inspected passenger Vessels upon Near Coastal Waters.

Tim Onders Timothy Onders, Vice President
Timothy brings to Frog Prints e! over 20 years of experience in leading high tech teams developing new concepts in both Silicon Valley and Seattle as well as a broad range of fundraising expertise. In addition, he has over 15 years of sailing experience, is certified through US Sailing, and has for the last eight years devoted much of his spare time to teaching folks how to have fun while sailing. He also holds a US Coast Guard master (aka Captain) certification to operate un-inspected passenger vessels upon near coastal waters and self-propelled vessels and to operate self-propelled vessels of less than 50 GRT (tons) on inland waters.

Dana Yaffee Dana Yaffee, Treasurer
In addition to her duties as Treasurer of the Board, Dana serves as legal counsel and maintains oversight of board governance. She brings to Frog Prints e! a wealth of skills and experience; that includes five years of service on nonprofit boards and foundations, marketing for nonprofits, eight years on boards of professional associations and more than 30 years of sailing experience, including US Sailing and American Sailing Association certifications, and US Coast guard master (aka Captain) certifications to operate un-inspected passenger vessels upon near coastal waters and self-propelled vesselsOUPV and Near coastal waters..

Lawrence Jones Lawrence Jones, Director
Lawrence trained as a physicist, has deep knowledge and experience of physics, mathematics and computer science and currently works as a software developer. He has been indulging his passion for sailing since 1999 and is certified by US Sailing. He is excited, pleased and honored to be a part of FPE, passing on the joy of sailing and helping students learn and enjoy all of these areas.

Sophie Onders Sophie Onders, Robot Tester in Chief

Randall Blatterman Randall L. Blatterman, Director Emeritus/Advisor in Charge of Grant and Scholarship Opportunities
As a USCG licensed captain and private businessman with broad non-profit fundraising knowledge, Randy's experience and skill sets contribute to both FPE's fundraising activities and mission to advance basic leadership skills and STEM concepts in young women through the medium of sailing. He currently supports or is involved with nonprofit fundraising efforts for Northwest Harvest, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Breast Cancer Research, and Tuberous Sclerosis Research.

Kit Case Kit Case, Director Emeritus
Kit brings to the team a wealth of experience serving on nonprofit boards in roles that range from Chairman to Treasurer. This experience, in addition to her 15 years of inter-coastal sailing experience, US sailing certification, and her legal background significantly contribute the breadth and depth of knowledge and commitment needed to run an organization like Frog Prints e!. Retired from active board engagement as of April 2015.

Rob Johnston Rob Johnston, Volunteer
His multiple interests and range of experience in sailing, photography, multi-media, and fund raising for nonprofits significantly contribute to the FPE organization's ability to share with students, parents, and our partners students' STEM experiences while under sail or in the classroom. Retired from active board engagement in April 2015 and serves as an active volunteer for the organization.

Roy Kauffman Roy Kauffman, Director Emeritus
Brings to the board a depth and breadth of knowledge in how to reach out and connect with organizations through social media. In addition, he brings insights to the board on effective multi-media fundraising techniques, branding insights, and an intimate hands-on sailing knowledge from his many years of experience of inter-coastal sailing and US sailing certification and supports ongoing fund raising activities. Retired from active board engagement in January 2015.

Jan Monti Jan Monti, Board Advisor
Currently, Jan's serves as a director on multiple nonprofit boards for education and has broad experience in fundraising for multiple nonprofit campaigns including Junior Achievement and the SARVAM program through the UO College of Education. She advises the Frog Prints e! board on how best to approach creating partnerships with other nonprofit organizations and on fundraising best practice strategies. Her responsibilities include general executive advice and counsel to the board.

Deborah Parsons Deborah Parsons, Director Emeritus
In addition to her background in computer science and mathematics, Deborah brings to the FPE board over 15 years as an advocate for students and education. She is a former member of several education-related non-profit boards, and has chaired highly successful fundraising campaigns. She loves learning about sailing, improving skills and exploring the Puget Sound. In addition to her duties as Secretary of the board, she provides for Frog Prints e! social media and web expertise. Retired from active board engagement in June 2017 and serves as an active volunteer for the organization.

Margaret Pommert Margaret Pommert, Director Emeritus
Margaret holds a USCG Master captain's license, and is both a US SAILING and American Sailing Association certified sailing instructor. She has taught sailing for The Boys and Girls Club's after-school programs and summer camps, as well as grade 4-12 student marine naturalist courses aboard a research vessel for UCLA's Marine Science Center. Margaret has a B.S in engineering as well as a M.S. and is excited to help develop tomorrow's women leaders in STEM! Retired from active board engagement in November 2016.

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