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Science, Math, Boats, and Girls

Frog Prints e! featured in 48°North, The Sailing Magazine

Read Science, Math, Boats, and Girls - How sailing programs engage girls by utilizing STEM curriculum, by Caroline Robertson and Margaret Pommert in 48°North, The Sailing Magazine, June 2015.

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These videos highlight some of Frog Prints e's STEM Projects.

During August, 2015, in partnership with Sail Sand Point and The Center for Wooden Boats, Frog Prints e! presented a week-long camp, in which the middle school girls built and explored with SeaPerch Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV’s), learned to make bathymetric maps and anemometers, learned about simple machines, explored boat design and went sailing to Blake Island.

2014 Stem Sail letters from the students
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The Seattle Girls' School 5th grade went on a two-day sailing trip in May 2013. This sail was the culminating event to actives during the year in which they were introduced to principles of physics and mathematics in relation to how sailboats work and how they are made. To demonstrate their understanding of what they learned before and during the sail, the SGS 5th grade created iMovies that utilize stop motion animation and video covering such topics as:

Some of the topics discussed by the girls are:
  • How to use speed/distance/time to estimate a boat's speed
  • Time made good towards the boat's destination
  • Evaluating the effect of current on a boat's speed
  • Determining how far did a boat sail
  • How does current and wind interact to move a boat through water (a.k.a. concepts of center of effort and center of lateral resistance)


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